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Cyndi Guyton is the founder of Ms. G’s Preschool. She has over 17 years working with children from public and private sectors of education. Cyndi earned a masters in early childhood education and is certified to teach early childhood through sixth grade. She also holds an English as a Second Language (ESL) endorsement. Ms. G’s philosophy is that every child can learn and has the potential for success and she understands the importance of kindergarten readiness for young learners.

Cyndi continues her dedication to teaching young learners online, and has a unique way of connecting with then that creates an excitement and a love for learning. Affectionately known as Ms. G to her students, Cyndi’s philosophy is that every child can learn and has the potential for success.

We feature an exciting quarterly online learning curriculum that will prepare you child for kindergarten

Are you concerned that your child may not be academically and socially prepared for school?

We bring preschool into your home to help you get prepare your youngster for learning!

Ms. G's Preschool Stars is an online learning space created for early learners ages 3-5 years.

We feature a comprehensive quarterly online learning curriculum based on engaging themes:





Community Helpers


I see Spring

Summer Fun


Falling Into Autumn

Wonderful Winter

Live and on demand Circle Time classes with Ms. G’s Preschool

Are you looking for a pre-k online learning experience that helps your child grow academically and socially? We offer interactive, live, virtual classes with experienced and certified early education teachers. There is no registration fee and you'll get a 1-WEEK FREE TRIAL so you can start tomorrow!

participate in classes that meet you and your star's schedule

On demand circle time classes are highly interactive and play-based, while also incorporating four key dimensions specific to early learners: cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development.

On Demand Circle Time for preschool is recommend for 3-5 years old. Our on demand circle time classes are offered at a subscription rate of $97 per month

  • Ages Recommended: 3-5
  • ​Additional Fees: None
  • ​On Demand Circle Time Class: Work at your own pace
  • $97/month (with 1-week free trial class prior to subscription)
  • Access: You will have 24/7 access

virtual circle time

for preschool

(coming soon)

Virtual circle time classes are coming soon. Circle time classes are highly interactive and play-based, while also incorporating four key dimensions specific to early learners: cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development.

Virtual circle time for preschool is available for 3-5 years old. Our circle time classes are offered at a subscription rate of $50.00 per week. Your subscription can be canceled at any time with a 7 day notice.

  • Ages Accepted: 3-5
  • ​Additional Fees: None
  • ​Small Circle Time Class Sizes: Only 8 students per circle time class
  • $50/week Subscription (with 1-class free trial)

On Demand Circle Time

(Self Paced)

$97 per month

Virtual Circle Time

(Coming Soon)


Interactive VIRTUAL Preschool Learning

In our online interactive classroom, children are encouraged to explore their curiosity and unique interests, as they begin to develop important kindergarten readiness skills.

Our research based online circle time curriculum covers the essential skills needed for students.

Each unit is built around exciting themes to ensure the learning sticks and is fun. Many students can’t wait to tune in for what is next! We start as early as preschool to lay the educational foundation for future learning. Through playing, singing, and learning, preschoolers gain skills that ultimately help them learn to read, write, build their math and science skills, and become successful students.

*COMING SOON** Your children can participate in high-quality instruction in a safe and fun learning environment.

Learning opportunities are offered through live classes with early childhood certified teachers. Our small-group classes consist of up to 8 students and provide an opportunity for social experiences and enriches learning. Through our curriculum, students can also develop skills important for future group learning such as, being a good listener and taking turns.

Early learners learn best through songs, repetition, games, and fun! In our virtual circle time, we will review:

  • the days of the week
  • months of the year
  • today is, yesterday was, and tomorrow will be
  • calendar functions
  • seasons and weather
  • alphabet and phonics
  • early literacy skills
  • Early math skills
  • shapes and colors
  • emotions

Circle time incorporates fun themed activities and our stars will begin learning sight words through fun, interactive teaching.

Our virtual class are designed to foster:

  • Confidence
  • Cooperation & communication skills
  • Hands-on learning
  • Literacy and number concepts

Classes consist of:

  • Literacy
  • Early Math
  • Nature & Science
  • Social Studies


And you will too!

“Thanks, Ms. G! Both my boys loved it. I never know if they will stay engaged for an online class and this kept them both engaged.”

"Belen really enjoyed your class. This is the first class she’s ever done by herself…and she really took ownership of it."

"Ms. G is awesome! Clearly knows how to work with kids to engage them, and masterful at getting them to come back when they wander off (which mine always do)."

"Absolutely wonderful. I do not have enough positive things to say about Ms. G. She's a phenomenal educator, so patient, enthusiastic and although the class is virtual, it feels like you're in the room with her."


  • Do parents have to buy art materials? No. There are no supplies required.
  • Are there other costs besides my tuition? No. There are no additional costs required to participate.
  • Is this an online "learning" video game or worksheet website? No. There is NO video game or worksheet component to our online preschool program... just real, social interaction between an amazing preschool teacher (that's ME!).
  • What's the difference between your online preschool and Hooked on Phonics or ABC Mouse? The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that preschoolers have no more than 1 hour of screen time. Would you prefer your child used that hour on high-intensity video games or on face-to-face social interactions to prepare your child in EVERY WAY to develop socially, emotionally, physically, cognitively, and linguistically? I believe preschool is a hands-on experience, and playing video games to "learn" isn't how we do things at online preschool.
  • What requirements do I need to participate? You'll need internet and a laptop or desktop computer. You can use an iPad or a phone just as easily.
  • I'm not technical. Will you show me how to login? Yes. We've put together amazing video trainings that will walk you through how to login. It's easy!
  • What platform is this using? Live classes meet via Zoom, a free platform. The links we use to join our online classroom are exclusive to our preschool families so no one else can access the online classroom. Plus, our online classroom is monitored by a teacher (that's ME!) at all times when in use.
  • I miss the friends I had with my child's local preschool. Can I connect with preschool parents in my child's preschool class? Absolutely! After signing up, you'll join our private Facebook group of amazing preschool families. We're super supportive and excited to have you join us!

your child will love everything about their new preschool experience!

what other say about our classes!

"Absolutely wonderful! I don't have enough positive things to say about Ms. G! She's a phenomenal educator. Although the class is prerecorded, it feels like you're in the room with her."

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